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​What is a short-term visa?

Foreigners need a visa when they come to Japan. Depending on the nationality of the foreigner, there are cases in which a visa (short-stay visa) must be obtained in advance when staying in Japan for up to 90 days.

This is commonly called a "tourist visa". Unlike other visas (status of residence), the application must be made to a Japanese embassy or consulate abroad, 90・30​・15 days or within 15 days You are permitted to enter the country within the period of

As of September 2019, there are 68 short-term visa exemption countries/regions.

Short-Term Visa Visa Waiver Countries List*Links to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. ​

​ Points to note

Short-term visa only6 months, cannot be reapplied for the same purpose.

​In addition, since this is a status of residence for staying in Japan temporarily, it is not permitted to engage in profitable activities.

​Documents required for application

* The combination of required documents differs depending on the individual application.

・Application form

・Letter of reason

・Invitation history

・Certificate of identity

・Stay Schedule

・Applicant list (in the case of multiple applicants at the same time)

・Reservation confirmation of air ticket (*Some countries require it and others do not)

Other documents need to be prepared according to the content of the application.

Feel free to contact us for inquiries and consultations regarding short-term visas 

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