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​What is a naturalization application?

Non-Japanese citizens can acquire Japanese nationality by naturalization. The Minister of Justice will determine whether or not the foreign national who has submitted the application will be approved.

If the Minister of Justice "permits" naturalization, it will be announced in the "Official Gazette", and the naturalization will take effect from the date of the announcement.

​General conditions for naturalization

Article 5, Paragraph 1 of the Nationality Act

At least the following conditions must be met:

1. Have an address in Japan for more than 5 consecutive years

2. 20 years old (* 18 years old due to revision of law) above and have the capacity to act according to the law of the home country.

3. Be of good conduct.

4. Being able to support oneself or one's own spouse or other relative's assets or skills.

5. Those who do not have nationality or should lose their nationality by acquiring Japanese nationality.

​6. You have never formed or joined a political party or other organization that attempts to overthrow the Constitution of Japan or the government established under it by violence.

Certain conditions may be relaxed according to Articles 6 to 8 of the Act.

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​Application procedure



​Creation of documentscollection




Decision by the Minister of Justice


Apply to Legal Affairs Bureau

​Inspection and acceptance of documents


​Sent to and examined by the Ministry of Justice

​permitted or not permitted

*The above is a general flow. A large number of application documents are required for naturalization applications, exceeding 200 sheets in total. Required documents vary depending on the applicant's situation and content. For example, basic pensionThe number is a masking measureand the application form is basicallyCreated in the Japanese calendarneed to do it.

We will support this difficult and time-consuming work, and we will help you to reduce the burden on the applicant as much as possible and make the application process smoother.

​Number of permits in recent years

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