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​ *We also support those who apply by themselves.

​What is a long-term resident visa?

The status of residence "Long-Term Resident" is a visa established for foreigners who should be allowed to reside in Japan for special reasons. If you wish to continue to stay in Japan after divorce from a Japanese or permanent resident, we will consider applying for this visa. However, unlike a work visa, it is not tied to a workplace or occupation, but it is a highly difficult application to prove in detail, such as the circumstances that led to the divorce and income requirements.

​As a prerequisite for application

You must be legally married in both countries.

Therefore, even if you live together as a common-law couple, or if you have a child with your spouse, you will not be recognized as a "Spouse or Child of a Japanese National" unless the marriage is legally established. Hmm.

Unfortunately, there have been many cases of falsifying marriages in order to obtain the stable status of residence of “Spouse or Child of a Japanese National,” and strict screening by the immigration authorities is being conducted. For that reason,It is the current situation that it is not necessarily permitted even if it is a genuine marriage.

​Points to keep in mind

1. authenticity of marriage

For those of you who are reading this page, this is going to be a very rude story, but as I said on the premise, there is an untruthful application. Therefore, it must be proved to distinguish it from itself. The majority of people make decisions based on the idea that "if it's a true relationship, it's normal", so naturally it's not something that can be applied to everyone. The Immigration Bureau does not uniformly deny a wide variety of values, but the following are examples of patterns that are particularly carefully examined, so if applicable, solid proof is required.

・The dating period is extremely short (so-called speed marriage)

・We do not hold wedding ceremonies or reception parties

・Do not greet each other face-to-face

・If you met on SNS etc.


2. Can I expect to live a stable life after receiving permission?

In obtaining a spouse visa, the important point is whether you can maintain your livelihood in Japan. If the income of the Japanese spouse is low, the probability of disapproval is high. This is because the increase in the living expenses of the foreign spouse makes it impossible to maintain a life in Japan, and it is not in the national interest of Japan to receive support such as public assistance. The annual income of XX million yen or less is not a universally publicized standard, but if you have the impression that it is barely enough for a couple to live together, it is safer to consider supporting materials. .


The above are the main ones, there are other points as well.

Each person's situation is different, so I can't say that even this is the only thing you need to clear, but it's a point I'd like you to keep in mind first.

for example

  • I want to get a spouse visa, but I don't know how to collect the documents or how to fill out the application form.

  • The annual income of the Japanese spouse is low, and I am worried about getting a spouse visa.

​ etc.At our office, we will work out countermeasures according to the customer's situation and do our best to support the approval notice.

Feel free to contact us for inquiries and consultations regarding spouse visa applications 

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