Visa application for a baby born in Japan

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When a baby is born to a foreign national living in Japan, a birth notification must first be submitted to the municipal office within 14 days.

at the municipal office 【Required documents

  1. Notification of Birth (already filled in)

  2. Maternal and Child Health Handbook

  3. Passport and Residence card (Father and Mother)

  4. Residence card of the person submitting the Notification of Birth

  5. Other items required by the municipal office

After submitting the above, please obtain a "Certificate of Acceptance of Birth Certificate" and "Certificate of Residence" (for all household members including the baby) for the visa application.

Applications for visa for baby must be filed with the Immigration Bureau within 30 days of the baby's birth.

Please note that once this period has passed, normal procedures cannot be carried out.

at the Immigration Bureau【Required documents

  1. Application for Permission to Acquire Status of Residence form

  2. Questionnaire form

  3. Certificate of Acceptance of Notification of Birth (original)

  4. Certificate of Residence (for all household members including the baby)

  5. Child’s passport or Statement for the reason the passport has not been obtained as yet

  6. Certificate of income and resident tax, Certificate of tax paid

  7. Certificate of employment

  8. Letter of guarantee

  9. Passport and Residence card (Father and Mother)

Below are checkpoints.

※1.A picture of the baby is not required.

※4.Please obtain my number omitted.

※5.If you are applying for a passport, please prepare a copy of the acceptance slip together with the statement of reasons.

※7.A certificate of employment or a certified copy of the company registration if the company is owned by a business owner are acceptable.

※8.Required if the father or mother has "Permanent Resident", "Spouse or Child of Japanese National", "Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident" or "Long Term Resident" status.

The schedule is expected to be very tight, within 14 or 30 days of birth. We do not want to imagine having to wait at the immigration bureau or having to go back again because of incomplete documents.

At our firm, we can assist you with the above procedures as well.

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