[Important] Designation of countries and regions where mutant strains are prevalent 4/28

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On April 28, the following six countries/regions were designated in addition to the current 29 countries/regions*, and Japan will take the same measures as the United Kingdom and the Republic of South Africa to strengthen the waterfront in these countries/regions.

(1) United States (Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota)

(2) India

(3) Peru

*Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Italy, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Estonia, Austria, Netherlands, Canada (Ontario), Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Nigeria, Pakistan, Hungary Hungary, Philippines, Finland, Brazil, France, Belgium, Poland, Republic of South Africa, Luxembourg, Lebanon

Specifically, those who enter or return from these designated countries must wait at a place designated by the quarantine station chief (limited to accommodation facilities secured by the quarantine station), undergo another inspection on the third day after entry, and if judged to be negative, leave the accommodation facilities secured by the quarantine station and wait at home for the remaining 14 days after entry. The rest of the 14 days after entry will be spent at home.

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